What is the fastest road Ferrari in the world?

Many have wondered which Ferrari is the fastest in the world and especially in which sense we go to analyze speed.

Dear reader buckle up because now we are talking about pure speed.

In this article I will try to give you an idea of the power that a Ferrari can unleash.

The fastest Ferrari in the world, and pardon the pun, is indeed La Ferrari.

We are in the field of hypercars, and this is really the queen of the class. Ferrari is the ‘flagship hypercar of the prancing horse from Maranello belonging to the precious family of the world’s most coveted V12s such as: 288 GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo Ferrari.

This very powerful car extracts a combined thermal and electric motor from its 12 cylinders: as much as 800hp from the thermal engine and 163hp delivered by the electric motor, for a total of 963hp at maximum power.

I mean, I’m telling you about a missile that from 0-100km/h is able to get there in less than 3 seconds, from 0-200km/h in less than 7 seconds, but the most shocking fact is that in less than 15 seconds it can get to 300km/h!

Why is it the fastest road Ferrari? I would say easy to say after these hallucinating data. Ferrari manages to reach a top speed on the straight (claimed by Ferrari) of well…. 350km/h! I’ll just let you imagine what an adrenaline rush like that might leave in your stomach. But there are videos on the net attesting to its power reaching up to 372 km/h.

Crazy data, crazy car, but then again we are talking about one of the strongest brands in the world.



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