How much does it cost to maintain a Ferrari in Italy?

Dear friends and readers who are passionate about cars, today we want to deal with a topic, a question, to which the attention of so many curious people is drawn.

How much does it cost to MAINTAIN a Ferrari in Italy?

Ferrari 458 Italia

This is the main question asked of a Maranello Rossa owner.

Well, let’s start with the assumption that we are talking about a Supercar, with a capital S. Ferrari has created a very strong brand in the eyes of the whole world, starting from victories in the racing world and transporting them to road cars with crazy appeal. Suffice it to say that Ferrari started out first as a manufacturer of racing cars and then turned into an excellent road car manufacturer.

If this article can interest you, stay here with me, I will try to make you understand the cost of maintaining a Ferrari in the beautiful country.

In this list of expenses I will try to be as detailed and concise as possible.

Take for example a Ferrari 458 Italia, a 570-horsepower car with an overpowering naturally aspirated V8 that unloads a maximum torque of 540 Nm at 6000 rpm.

By buying such a ‘car we want to have the maximum insurance and spare no expense.

We start immediately with an annual cost of Insurance average of €4,500 (a figure that can vary by a few hundred euros depending on the best offer on the market) which, with the addition of Kasco, comes to paying around €6,500 per year for a supercar like the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Having ascertained the cost of ‘annual insurance, let’s go on to talk about the cost of the stamp duty for this supercar, which in Italy also falls under the payment of the super stamp. Stamp duty plus supertax for a Ferrari 458 Italia is about 7000€ annually.

Having ascertained the two practically fixed costs for this kind of ‘car, let’s go on to deal with the costs that are considered variable depending on the use of the vehicle:

-Fuel consumption

-Car maintenance


These three elements are variables that are relevant to a supercar. Clearly the ‘use of these cars is not the same as a hatchback.

Fuel consumption for a Ferrari 458 Italia clearly varies depending on the driving style, but considering an average you are around 6km per liter, you do the math a bit, I would say these cars are pretty thirsty!

Since these are supercars and in this case a Ferrari 458 Italia they are quite delicate and need more and more detailed inspections than any other car. As an average annual range for 10,000€ km use without too many hitches or breakages we are around 1400€.

Regarding the ‘last point, the tires, it is always a variable, but consider preparing on 2000€ every 15 thousand kilometers.

After having all these figures we are ready to figure out how much it costs to maintain a Ferrari, or a supercar in Italy. If we consider 10,000km you will be paying a sum, between variable and fixed costs and without considering damages and maintenance, about 15,000€.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that I have satisfied the little curiosities that come to us as enthusiasts.

Thank you and happy motorsport!

Lorenzo Pedretti


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