Ayrton Senna: story of a champion

Ayrton Senna: biography

Senna, one of the greatest drivers the world of Formula 1 racing has ever had, but above all a Great sportsman on and off the track, a true car enthusiast who made a generation dream through his driving technique and innate talent, which were able to arouse strong emotions even to those who knew nothing about racing.

Ayrton Senna history of a champion

Ayrton Senna Da Silva, that was his full name, was born on March 21, 1960, in the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo, the son of a very normal and well-to-do family that had always instilled in him a passion for engines, all thanks to his father, a mechanic and workshop owner who, as early as the age of 4, had put him in Racing on top of a kart he built. From that day, all of Ayrton’s talent had free rein, managing to rise to the top of the world’s most important races, becoming not only a great driver, but also a point of reference for different automakers, such as Honda, who based the design of their highest performance cars on the guidelines of the Brazilian driver and his unique and inimitable driving style.

Ayrton Senna disputed his first official race in 1973 at the Interlagos circuit, competition in which he won the top step of the podium, a race that marked a succession of victories, eventually taking part in the 1978 world championship at Le Mans. After that, his career advanced by signing a contract with the Parilla brothers, founders and owners of the well-known engine manufacturing company DAP, with whom, however, things did not go very well over the years, as the Brazilian driver failed to win even a world title in the designated category.

With the Parilla experience over, Ayrton threw himself into the Formula Ford championship, from which he learned everything necessary to drive a single-seater, slowly entering this fantastic world, in which successes did not take long to come and, the same year that he debuted in this category Won the Townsend Thorensen and RAC championships., the first to accomplish such a feat. From Formula Ford, in which he had two titles to his credit, Senna moved on in 1983 to race in Formula 3, a championship in which he brought home record-breaking successes, such as 9 pole-positions out of 10 races run, and a race-leading mastery of 185 out of 187 laps .

His innate talent, coupled with sublime driving technique and perfect knowledge of the cars, opened without leaving any doubt the gates of Formula 1 to the Brazilian pilot, so much so that only nel 1984, That is, one year after Formula 3 debuted, Senna entered the Olympus of F1,category that was overturned and revised after such a driver entered the games. His debut was aboard the Toleman, a car that allowed him to gain experience and understand how the world of the big boys worked, thus enabling him to move the following year to the Lotus-Renault, a stable in which he remained until 1987 and which led him to win his two first victories in F1. Despite great satisfaction he wanted to aim to win the world championship, but the Lotus-Renault was not yet technically developed enough to allow him to express his full potential, so In 1988 Senna made the big leap by switching to the stable McLaren, with which he managed to win the shis first world title in F1.

From there were years of great success, rewriting the history of Formula 1 as we know it today, with historic antagonisms such as those with Alain Prost and the Ferrari stable. In 1994, given McLaren’s clear inferiority to the Williams, Senna switched right to the rival team, thus giving rise to the years of historic struggles with the Benetton stable, a team in which the then future star of the F1 Michael Schumacher. In that very year, namely 1994, during the San Marino Grand Prix, in the Imola circuit, took place one of the Formula 1’s greatest tragedies, which starred Ayrton Senna himself, an accident that, unfortunately, was fatal to him.


The fatal accident of Ayrton Senna

Everyone, fans or not, knows or has heard at least once about the tragic accident that caused the death of Ayrton Senna at the Imola circuit . Well, yes, that day shook the entire sporting world, entering the memory of the people and all racing fans as one of the saddest and darkest chapters in motorsports, in which a farewell had to be said to one of the most beloved and admired drivers in history, as well as to a great man on and off the track.

incidente ayrton sennaOn that day, May 1, 1994, the calendar included the San Marino Grand Prix at the Imola track, the third race of the world championship, which had already strongly shaken the Formula 1 world at practice. In fact, on April 30, during qualifying, driver Roland Ratzenberger crashed into the barriers of the Imola track, tragically dying on the spot . The entire championship was in shock, but it was decided that the next day’s race would still take place. So on May 1 all the drivers started as usual, still in disbelief of their colleague’s death, but on the seventh lap of the race, just as he was entering In the Tamburello curve,is speculated to be due to a broken steering column on his car, Ayrton Senna crashed his Williams single-seater at more than 300 km/h, the collision was terrible, and from the very beginning the tragic condition of the Brazilian driver was sensed. In fact, Senna was immediately rescued and transferred by helicopter to the hospital in Bologna in critical condition and, unfortunately, at 6:30 p.m. the same day he was declared dead due to the very serious injuries to the back of his head and neck .

Thus, on May 1, 1994, Ayrton Senna left us at just 34 years of age, becoming a motor racing legend, admired for the man he was on and off the track, able even decades after his passing to thrill car enthusiasts, remaining an undisputed pillar of racing.

It is no coincidence that a monument to Ayrton Senna, a two-meter-high bronze statue depicting the racing legend, has been erected right near the tragic Tamburello curve at the Imola racetrack, to this day becoming a pilgrimage destination for all sports fans in general .

In fact, Ayrton Senna is still alive in the memories of all of us, who remember him as the one who was able to thrill with the ability to drive a car with refinement, elegance and absolute technique.

His doctor’s account ” His last hours of life.”

Bottom: camera car video of the last seconds of driving before the tragic accident


Ayrton Senna and love with Carol Alt

Ayrton Senna at the time was one of the most distinguished figures in sports and beyond, known by everyone worldwide, wanted by everyone and respected by everyone else. Despite his incredible notoriety, the Brazilian champion was never featured in the pages of the tabloids, scandals or otherwise, except for one exception, his love affair with American model and actress Carol Alt, the girlfriend of Ayrton Senna.

Icarol alt ayrton sennan fact, one of the love stories that most provoke nostalgia is precisely that between Ayrton Senna and Carol Alt, a relationship founded on sincere mutual love, an old-fashioned story in which respect and love were the foundations of that indispensable bond. Their relationship was marked by absolute love, visible to the naked eye, one of those relationships capable of making even the public fall in love, dream and hope.
family for Ayrton Senna was the most important asset in the world, and despite the enormous notoriety of both of them, the two managed to keep their private and love lives away from the paparazzi and news outlets, precisely because of their very reserved and shy character, which did not give weight to ostentation. She was an American girl, married to New York Rangers field hockey player Ron Greschner, who was in Milan because of her work as a model, as well as her work as an actress for having starred in many of the Vanzina brothers’ films.

They met and fell in love right away; she was married and at the time of their meeting had no idea who Ayrton was, but she was immediately struck by his sensitivity and education. From that moment they were never again separated, until, alas, that cursed May 1, 1994.


The Palmares of Ayrton Senna

Over the course of his career Senna collected many titles and victories, which earned him the honor of being one of the most award-winning drivers in history.

Trophies and podiums won by Ayrton Senna during his Formula 1 career:

1984: 9th ranked; 13 points; Toleman-Hart Turbo car.
1985: 4th place; 38 points; Lotus-Renault Turbo car.
1986: 4th place; 55 points; Lotus-Renault Turbo car.
1987: 3rd place; 57 points; Lotus-Honda Turbo car.
1988: 1 ranked; 90 points; car McLaren-Honda
1989: 2 ranked; 60 points; car McLaren-Honda
1990: 1 ranked; 78 points; McLaren-Honda
1991: 1 ranked; 96 points; car McLaren-Honda
1992: 4 ranked; 50 points; McLaren-Honda
1993: 2 ranked; 73 points; McLaren-Ford
1994: year of fatal accident; Williams car


Interviews with Ayrton Senna

Senna enjoyed enormous popularity, everyone wanted him and everyone praised him. News outlets, television stations, sponsors, and automakers wanted to have him or interview him.

Many of his interviews are iconic, such as the last one to the Italian press on March 10, 1994, or the one in 1992 in Monza.




Ayrton Senna gadgets and accessories

As we have also mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the Formula 1 champion, almost 30 years after his death, continues to inspire and be the idol of thousands and thousands of young car enthusiasts. In fact, his actions, his driving and the great man he was, mean that to this day he remains one of the most beloved drivers in history, by young and old alike. Indeed, suffice it to say that on his driving technique and vision for cars, Honda created a car that would later become one of the world’s most beloved, the NSX, dreamed of by millions of boys.

For this very reason the gadgets and accessories inspired by Ayrton Senna, such as the helmet or the model of his car, still are in high demand, as well as going to represent also Unique collectibles. Iconic is the Ayrton Senna’s hat, which he wore virtually everywhere, before and after every race.

In addition to the hat, the unmistakable helmet of Ayrton Senna, an object that has made generations of girls fall in love with its bright graphics and colors, is definitely worth mentioning.

Also needless to say, themost beloved and desired accessory is precisely Ayrton Senna’s car, the single-seater on which he made adults and children alike dream and thrill.

One-day tour named in memory of the great Brazilian Formula 1 champion, which includes a Test Drive in a Ferrari California of about 2.5 hours and lunch in Maranello. The tour includes:

  • Travel from Maranello to Imola and back (about 160 km)
  • 1 passenger in the back seats
  • Visit to the Ayrton Senna Monument in Imola.
  • Lunch for 1 or 2 people in Maranello.

Senna Memorial Tour


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