Is the Ferrari F1-75 the right one?

Monday, March 21, 2022, a date that brought back a great fire inside my eyes and my passion for the world of F1 and Motorsport.

It all starts with a hot Friday in Bahrain in which the two Ferraris with its drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc warm up engines, tires in a free practice series with scorching times. I look at the early times for a moment and immediately marvel at the speeds these single-seaters can achieve.

Seconds go by, minutes go by, and what amazes me most of all are the sectors, in short the split times within a lap that the two Reds manage to make. The key word is: Constancy. Charles and Carlos manage to keep up with Max’s space times with incredible consistency. The engine seems to run strong, the single-seater seems to respond well, and the team seems confident in its means. Adrenaline goes up. I ask myself, ‘is this maybe the good year?’ But immediately after a few seconds I think that maybe Mercedes is bluffing and the other teams are waiting for practice to show off all their power.

Friday’s free practice was therefore a very important test for the two Ferraris, which showed off surprising power.

So we get to Saturday, and right away at 3 p.m. I log on to try to get a feel for the air and see the comments of the journalists.

Q1: Ferrari is at the top of the timing chart.

Q2: Ferrari is in the top three.

Q3: Magic and adrenaline to the max, Charles goes to Pole in a battle to the thousandth with Max. I’m happy, I’m starting to believe it, but the feeling remains that maybe the Ferraris are suffering in the race pace.

I close the connection with Sky and try to think about what will be tomorrow in the race. The first race of the 22/23 season, the first race with the new single-seaters, new tires and new regulations. I am charged and happy, with a lot of curiosity.

20/03/2022, Sunday, it’s 4 p.m., starting grid, flavor of a new beginning.

Reconnaissance lap, drivers warm up tires. I catch a glimpse from the TV of Carlos letting the tires smoke. All 20 single-seaters are positioned on the grid. Stop, silence. The traffic lights go out and go! Adrenaline, here we go!

At the start Charles immediately defended against Max’ attack and held the first place. The laps flow by and right away, after just a few laps I can see that this is going to be an exciting F1 season, with finally overtaking and riveting 1vs1 battles. The released wakes of the cars in front do not cause damage or disturbance to the single-seaters behind. At this moment I was really believing that maybe the turning point had really come in the F1 world.

On lap 17 Max attacked and for five laps a last-ditch fight with Charles. Entertainment! I believe that.

The laps pass and the tension rises. The idea of Friday is taking hold in my mind: ‘Is this maybe THE good year?’ Charles’s Ferrari is first. Quick Ferrari pit stops, The fastest of all. Sigh of relief. The team is there, making itself heard. Charles hammers, Carlos seems to struggle slightly, but he hammers.

A few laps to go and Carlos is closing in on Max, closing in on second place. I think, ‘ is this really going to happen?’

Max breaks the engine, Carlos attacks like a shark attacks its prey. Charles is first, Carlos second.

Last lap.

The final episode of a crazy weekend and I want to enjoy it all attached to the TV.

Charles after a crazy race complete with a fast lap, crossed the finish line in first place and was immediately followed by Carlos in second place. It is pure adrenaline. A beautiful chapter of Formula One and sports.

Celebration, hugs and lots of heart.

Enjoying the podium with the Italian anthem. Okay, it’s a Ferrari one-two.

It is a Sunday with a sweet smile.

Thank you Ferrari, thank you Charles and thank you Carlos.

While waiting to see if it could really be the right year or a great little episode, as a big fan I allow myself the joy of this weekend.

I say this in a whisper, but if Ferrari is really back, Maranello is ready to open its doors to all fans of this world.

On to the next episode.

Happy Motorsport to all!

Lorenzo Pedretti


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