In Live to share passion and interests

Limited edition models, memorabilia, collectibles and more in our Live on Instagram.

We care about keeping in direct contact with our audience, those who follow us, our friends and customers.

All of our work stems from a great passion for the world of cars and motorsports, culminating in the wonderful miniatures we try to offer you.

Dear collector, modeling, as you well know, has so many different scales, brands and clearly different price ranges.

In our live shows, I try to offer something that is sophisticated and for all budgets.

As a collector I can understand, the time and sacrifices created for one’s collection. I fully understand that passion needs to be preserved, like the child inside each of us.

Our work is based on looking for something sought after that will enrich your collection. How nice is it to be able to have something unreleased or limited edition?

It is because of you who are reading that this community has taken hold and is growing day by day.

Sharing, that is our motto.

We strongly believe that sharing one’s passion creates stimuli to improve oneself and to be able to learn about new aspects of collecting and life in general.

Whenever we get a package in the store, the first thing that we and I are interested in is precisely to share with you what I have in my hands.

We wanted to choose live to communicate to you in the most sincere way possible, without scripts and rehearsals.

Know that your feedback in our eyes and ears is very important, because, my and our goal is to satisfy you not only for the ‘object, but for the service and our communicate.

We look forward to seeing you on our socials and on our e-commerce where you can keep an eye on all the news!

Thank you and happy motorsport!

Lorenzo Pedretti


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