In 2023 Ferrari Hypercar at Le Mans, what a surprise!

February 24, 2021 marks a date that can truly be considered historic, perhaps the date of ‘the year. And it is at the stroke of 50 years of ‘abstinence from the Hypercar championship that Ferrari decides to get going and return to compete in historic and beautiful competitions. Just in 1973 there was the ‘last appearance of Ferrari in the Endurance class all ‘now called ‘Sport Prototypes’.

Certainly looking at the ‘other side of the scale this decision is a strong blow to the F1 championship. In our humble opinion, we think it may also be a decision that is the result of so many possibly bad choices on the part of F1 that have penalized the prancing horse quite a bit and also so many major teams.

Ferrari’s Hypercar return to Le Mans to try to win the ‘absolute is really a media bombshell.

But rather after 50 years Ferrari will give us all fans and motorsport enthusiasts a wonderful surprise. A beautiful throwback coming true. We look forward to ‘enjoying a sleepless night spent cheering on the Maranello Roses whizzing through Le Mans.




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