Ferrari F1-75 model: where to buy it and delivery time

Welcome to all of you dear fans and readers of Motorsport!

Today we talk about the most anticipated model of the year: the fantastic Ferrari F1-75. We are talking about the Formula One car of the 2022 season and specifically about Ferrari.

As every year, much anticipation and desire is created about how this fantastic miniature car will be made.

Will details be reproduced as in the real one?

Will it be the same color ?

But more importantly, when will it come out?

There are so many questions we ask ourselves, and the anticipation is really a strong adrenaline rush. So much desire to know more and more about this model.

The Ferrari F1-75 is very much inspired in livery and colors by the fantastic 1990 Ferrari 641 driven by the great Alain Prost. A blood red meets black. All in a matte paint job. In short, beautiful, sporty pairings that bring the past back into relevance.

Precisely for this reason, it is just over a week since on our website (this very one where you are reading) we have given you all the opportunity not to miss the Ferrari F1 2022 model by being able to order it now.

Like every year (from 2015 to the present) the first Ferrari single-seater models to come out are from the manufacturer Bburago.

Thus, pre-orders of the prancing horse’s fantastic 2022 single-seaters are available and open. Currently orderable 1/18 in two versions: Carlos Sainz #55 and Charles Leclerc #16.

We decided to include pre-orders of the 1/18 and not yet the 1/43 precisely because we have a specific arrival period (the first part of September). For the Bburago Ferrari F1-75 in 1/43 scale as soon as we have a certain period of arrival we will surely publish them to give you a chance to have them right away.

From our site you can already buy your Bburago Ferrari F1-75 model in 1/18th scale, and shipping departures will be for the first part of September.

Here you have the link where you can purchase it:

Version 1/18 Charles Leclerc

Version 1/18 Carlos Sainz

Definitely be ready for more news on our site for Ferrari F1-75 from the world: Looksmart, Bbr Models and Bburago 1/43!

Dear greetings to all of you,

Lorenzo Pedretti


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