Where can you see F1 running in Maranello?

Definitely a very curious and interesting topic that in this article I will try to give you some details and also try to be helpful. In really many people ask us where they can have a close look at Ferrari F1 single-seaters or Gt cars in testing at the beautiful Fiorano circuit.

As many of you already know, Maranello has the ‘uniqueness of having within the country a real circuit where high-speed testing of all Ferraris, from road cars to F1s and prototypes, takes place every day. This track is very fast with technical turns and very tricky parts of the track. It was inaugurated in 1972 directly by Ferrari (current owner) with a length of 2,976 meters and no less than 13 curves. To date, the track record goes back to Michael Schumacher with the F2004 by a whopping 55 seconds and 999 thousandths, while with Sport Prototypes cars it is by the Ferrari 333 SP by 1 minute 11 seconds and 90 hundredths.

Fiorano has the distinction of being a private circuit owned by Ferrari, consequently there is maximum confidentiality for testing cars especially F1 and Prototypes. But where can you see these four-wheelers turning? Or rather: Where can the track be peeked at?

Here I will try to give you all the ‘hiding places’ where you can see the cars turning from the various corners of the track:

The first vantage point you can find in Via Goito, in Fiorano, a small street where by ‘climbing up’ you can see single-seaters whizzing by at full speed.
The second point where you will be able to observe most of the track is at Lower Abetone Street. Passing the Ferrari (company) on your right and going in the direction of Modena, you can find a bridge where there is a wide sidewalk where you can stop to take some photos and enjoy the show.
I hope I was helpful, see you soon and happy motorsport to all!


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