Kimi, the ice knight who rode the little horse became king

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He had a temperate, cold, almost glacial but determined character; he spoke little and hardly ever expressed himself, except to give precise directions.
Catapulted into Formula One by Peter Sauber, he is soon called upon to replace a champion, as Finnish as he is, Mika Hakkinen.

He came close to the title several times, eluding it only because of the unreliability of a McLaren that was too fragile and often left him stranded.

Then came the phone call that changed his life, in red; Ferrari called him to replace the seven-time champion, Michael Schumacher.

In Melbourne, on his first time in red, he climbed to the top step of the podium; something only Fangio had achieved.

Ferrari and McLaren alternated victories throughout the season, until the last few outings, and when the world championship seemed headed for Hamilton, in China the Englishman threw all his dreams into the gravel at the entrance to the pitlane; Raikkonen won and sent it all back to Brazil, where there will be three to contend for the world championship: Lewis still in the lead, teammate Fernando and more distant, Kimi.

Felipe Massa starts on pole, followed by Hamilton, Alonso and then Raikkonen.

Excitement and inexperience betrayed Lewis, who first lost his two starting positions, then made a mistake; a few laps later, a gearbox problem finally relegated him to the back of the field, struggling with his own remorse and trying an unhoped-for and desperate comeback.

The wall strategy delivers the first position in the hands of Kimi, followed by Felipe, faithful squire of the ice knight.

The Ferraris remained in the lead until the end, Fernando could not get beyond third.

Kimi crosses the finish line and the whole world clings to a calculator that seems to mark the realization of the dream; no one believes it but the math doesn’t lie: Kimi Raikkonen is world champion thanks to a single point gap.

Ferrari, after two difficult years, is once again on top of the world, for the last time, but no one knew that yet.

The Finn raises his fists to the sky, hints at a smile and then a champagne bath; riding the Cavallino, the ice rider had finally become king.

PHOTO: Source Twitter, F1 account [ tTfKWCxEVc1QorAOsP9Kg ]

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  • Umberto Del Vecchio

    Mi chiamo Umberto e sono un giovane ragazzo di 24 anni; scrivo da circa due anni, seguo la Formula Uno da sempre. Avevo poco più di 4 anni quando, in una domenica come le altre, rimasi incantato davanti al televisore, ammaliato dalle macchine che sfrecciavano veloci come il vento. Fu amore a prima vista!

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