Motorsport Maranello, together we will make it!

Good afternoon dear motorsport fans.

None of us would have thought that in 2020 a virus so powerful that it could change our habits could creep into our lives. I am writing to you right now from home, in front of my computer on my desk, and I confess that I have never been a skilled writer, but through passion we learn and improve.

On behalf of Motorsport Maranello Store, I am very sorry for the situation that has arisen in our beloved Italy. We sympathize with all people who are suffering and have seen themselves losing a family member or loved one. I virtually embrace all the doctors and nurses who are fighting for the good of us and the nation.

What about us from home? Always complaining, looking at all the socio-political aspects that are surrounding us, looking clearly at the economic side, the decline in jobs, and so many other negative things that crowd our thoughts. All these factors are equally important and best to be taken care of, but let’s try to understand what this virus can really teach us.

I thought I would collect one word, which we all use frequently in so many kinds of discourse, and we often do not use it with the right value. Time.

Our passion

How many of us in coming home from work get the urge to say ‘I never have time…’ , well now we have it in front of us and it should not be wasted.

Time is what life is all about, it allows us to be able to follow our little big passions, plus it gives us the opportunity to be together with our family and to be able to value the little things we used to take for granted. These days,we have to try tounleash our imagination, trying to make the most of the much time we have.

We Italians are fighters and great workers, with a great imagination that in history has made us unique in art, architecture, fashion, cars, and so much more. So let us not fall into negative thoughts and always aim high.

Greetings and hugs to all of you, hoping to see you all in the store sharing our passions.



Together we will succeed!

Lorenzo Pedretti,

Motorsport Maranello Store



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